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My July Fourth July 5, 2013

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Happy [belated] Fourth! I hope that y’all had an amazing holiday! God bless to those who serve and served in our armed forces. I am honored to know quite a few people who have served for our country! Independence Day celebrations are always fun and full of great memories. Luckily, after a long week of work, I only had to go to one party and then spend time with my family. There wasn’t much in store for me yesterday which meant that I was able to relax a little and sleep in late! (Sleeping in late is now sleeping past 7:30…) My family and I went to the movies yesterday to watch Despicable Me 2. It was adorable! I thought it was very funny and caught a lot of the humor that I usually miss. My parents also enjoyed it, but not as much as I did. How was your fourth? What did you do? Anything exciting?

My mom and I watching the fireworks after the movie.

My mom and I watching the fireworks after the movie.