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Pinterest Problems July 1, 2013

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Pinterest is a great website that lets you express your creativity and “pin” almost anything you would like. You can follow an unlimited amount of people and repin an unlimited amount of times. I have become somewhat of a Pinterest addict. I pin a lot. I have over 6,000 pins and over 700 followers. I find so many great ideas from Pinterest. The worst part? I pin more than I should! I pin when I should be cleaning or cooking. I pin workout ideas but spend my alotted workout hour on pinning workout ideas… That doesn’t help me actually work out (shocking I know). I have realized that Pinterest is a double-edged sword. I have found great resources and blogs through Pinterest but I waste my time and energy on Pinterest instead of other productive things. 

Have you ever tried making or doing something that you saw on Pinterest? I have recently made my future puppy some play toys! They turned out all right but will probably redo them until I think they are perfect enough for my pup. What ideas have you tried? Anything that you would do again? Let me know!



DIY Doggie June 27, 2013

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Continuing with talking about my future dog, I have been finding some great ideas to make some of the dog toys! DIY toys sound like a great way to save money and to have the satisfaction that you put your time towards making your dog happy. Some ideas are fleece or jeans pull ropes, squeaky toys, and other small toys made from scraps of fabric or old toys. Also, great ideas are making treats yourself; you can change ingredients and you know what type of food you are giving your dog. Have any ideas for DIY stuff? Please share and comment! 🙂