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Pinterest Problems July 1, 2013

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Pinterest is a great website that lets you express your creativity and “pin” almost anything you would like. You can follow an unlimited amount of people and repin an unlimited amount of times. I have become somewhat of a Pinterest addict. I pin a lot. I have over 6,000 pins and over 700 followers. I find so many great ideas from Pinterest. The worst part? I pin more than I should! I pin when I should be cleaning or cooking. I pin workout ideas but spend my alotted workout hour on pinning workout ideas… That doesn’t help me actually work out (shocking I know). I have realized that Pinterest is a double-edged sword. I have found great resources and blogs through Pinterest but I waste my time and energy on Pinterest instead of other productive things. 

Have you ever tried making or doing something that you saw on Pinterest? I have recently made my future puppy some play toys! They turned out all right but will probably redo them until I think they are perfect enough for my pup. What ideas have you tried? Anything that you would do again? Let me know!



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